RAMEKEGA Official Band Site

The Band

RAMEKEGA is a California-based alternative band, which was officially formed in September 2007 and is comprised of singers/songwriters/sisters KELLI (rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals), GABRIELLE (drums, percussion, vocals), and KAIRA POZON (bass, vocals).

That’s pretty much it. Now, a more interesting aside would be that the bassist, only ten years old at the time, played on the tracks of the band’s latest self-titled (and still unreleased) album: RAMEKEGA. A full-length 12-song album in just two days! Now, this, after just having acquired the bass guitar as a gift for her 9th birthday. Are there witnesses that this actually occurred? Yes – there are. And, no, the band mates are not slave-drivers. So, back to the regular programming.

Considered to be one of the most prolific and eclectic bands in recent times. The group’s body of work is rooted in many genres: Indie, Alternative, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, R&B, Pop, Electronica, etc., and often incorporating classical, retro, and other musical elements in innovative ways.

And while various media sources have given the band critical acclaim for their live performances, it’s primarily been the audiences’ (and other artists’) support that have certainly propelled the band to its current status as one of the most “must-see” bands in recent times.

“I was mesmerized.  I went to see a performance and experienced an event!”

“Amazing … and, no kidding, the highest praise I can give is that they’re like a female version of The Beatles.  Wow!”

“Not one song was like the other; they kept you guessing.  As rock bands go, they’re very polite … is that an oxymoron?  But they’re amazing.”

“It’s my birthday today and I brought my Mom and Dad along … they’re fans now.”

“Yeah, I bought their two CDs … they sang some other songs not on these, so I’ll be looking out for their next one.”

“I’m actually here with my girlfriend … I normally don’t go for girl bands, but this was different.  Their songs are still in my head … way cool.”


“I’ve seen a lot of bands’ live performances, and it don’t measure up to their CDs … you expect that; but, with them, it’s almost the opposite … don’t get me wrong, the CDs are great … sounds like it’s recorded live.  Yeah, but there’s something about their live performance.”

“I’m not only a satisfied customer … more than that … I’m astounded.”