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There are 9 billion people on this planet – that’s a whole lot of friends and fans we’ve yet to meet. We’d love to hear from you, so introduce yourself and become part of an amazing community of friends. We’ve got one amazing planet … let us know what’s happening in your neighborhood.


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  1. You guys were amazing at the show on Saturday. Thanks so much for signing the CD – luv it! Looking forward to your show in SD on the 26th – I’ll definitely be bringing my friends. There was mention of a new CD soon to be released – I’ll be on the lookout for it.

    <3 See you soon


  2. Thanks … glad you liked the CD! We’re always so stoked to know others like our music. Hope to see you in our other shows.

  3. Haley R. Sep 11th 2010

    Nice meeting you gals last night. Really enjoyed your music … you look like you were really having fun. It made me have fun as well. Let me know about ur upcoming shows. :)

  4. Wouldn’t have it any other way than FUN!

  5. Enjoyed your set at Lestat’s. Looking forward to seeing you ladies again. You definitely got something cool going on.

  6. Thank you.

  7. Oscar Oct 1st 2010

    Great performance last night at Gypsy Den… best of the night for sure. Look forward to seeing you again.

  8. Thank you for the great comment.

  9. Tiger Nov 8th 2010

    Loved your performance at the Great Hall here in Portland this past Saturday. You have that early sixties sort of British go-go girl sound with some Boys Don’t Cry mixed in.

  10. We’re making plans to do a show at GH soon … we’ll definitely let you know when.

  11. ashley u Nov 12th 2010

    saw you guys at pangea on wednesday…helluva show! thanks for playin!

  12. Thanks so very much for the great support … we had a blast!

  13. So glad I didn’t have to follow you at Kulak’s on Monday!
    You guys always put out great energy, and your songs rock!

  14. Thank you for the gracious comments … and, we really enjoyed your songs, as well. Very cool.

  15. Rose Lynn Jan 12th 2011

    So glad I happened to catch your songs at the Starry Plough tonight. I was just passing through. You have both a haunting and hopeful sound. Come back to the Plough soon.

  16. Hi Rose Lynn … thanks so very much the comment! And, next time, we will definitely give you the heads up on our next visit to the Starry Plough.

  17. silentguitar Mar 7th 2011

    Hey this is Matthew from the band known as COV(Crystal Ocean Veil). We met at the Plum House, and i have to say you girls sound really good! I Listened to all your You-tube stuff and I really enjoyed them. Really like Me and my Shadow! If you guys play at another place, let me know … Love your band!

  18. Hey Matthew … thanks so very much for the comment and the support!

    Luv your songs …

  19. Hello Ladies! It’s Jaime … from Main Street … just wanted to say again how much I loved your music! What a unique and refreshing sound! I bought your album”Normalcy” and loved every song, especially the title track. Best of luck to you ladies, you have a bright future ahead of you!

  20. Hi Jaime,
    It was great meeting you … we’re so glad you enjoyed the CD. Hope to see you at Main Street soon.

  21. Catrina Apr 10th 2011

    Love what you’re doing! Your sound is original and inspiring to say the least. God Bless you & your family! XOXOXO

  22. Hi Catarina,

    Thanks so very much for the wonderful comment! So glad you like our music.

    Blessings to you – and all yours, also.

  23. I saw you play tonight, you guys always sound great, love your style of music , its so positive and refreshing, always cheers me up. thanks for letting me jam with you ,it was so fun!

  24. Thank you. The conga never sounded better!

  25. Andrew Jul 26th 2014

    Glad to see you guys are still active. I saw you at the Plum House last year…Your song Dream is amazing. I listen to it on youtube alot and I was hoping I could get a clear version of it…do you have it on a cd? I didn’t know you guys were still doing shows so I look forward to coming to see you soon.

  26. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the wonderful comment – we’ve no recorded version of that song yet.
    We’ve got an album almost ready to release but that song isn’t on it – but we are
    already planning for another in the near future and we would certainly consider
    putting “Dream” on there. Thanks for the support – we really appreciate it!!

  27. David Dailey Sep 29th 2014

    Enjoyed your concert at Adams Avenue Street Fair 9/27-28/2014 in San Diego–David

  28. Hi David – thank you so very much for the comment! We’re so glad you enjoyed it – hope to see you (your family and friends, too) when we go back to SD on November 1st and also on December 20th. We’ll be playing at Lestat’s West – right across the street from the Starbucks Stage. Thanks again! :)

  29. Hi ladies, I saw you were playing at Butlers on the 28th so I checked you out and you have a GREAT sound. I’m going to the show to get a CD. Love your music!

  30. David Hammons May 29th 2016

    Ramekega! What can I say? You ladies didn’t disappoint whatsoever. You were fantastic! Great job ladies! The 3 of you were tight in the groove and the bassist was kickin in the funk songs. Just a great night at Butlers with some great tunes and a very professional band. 5 out of 5 stars from this new fan!

  31. Erik Danam Jun 1st 2016

    My wife and along with our son recently saw your band Ramekega perform at Butler’s Coffee in Palmdale, Ca. We had seen you perform at Butler’s Coffee open mic night so we thought we’d come to watch you perform a complete set. Your band has wonderful stage presence. The best way to say it is “Ramekega brightens up the stage”. I especially liked the song Bluebird and what you did with your voice to illustrate a Bluebird. We hope to see more of your band in the future.

  32. Hi Erik – thank you for the kind and gracious comments … we’re so glad you and your family could make it out to the show cause it certainly brightened our evening! As a song, “Bluebird” is surprise for us, because it gets such a great audience response – even though we hardly play it live. Quite a few have asked for a recording of it. Well, there’s always the next album.

  33. Wow, thank you David!!! We thought the incredible audience was 5 out of 5, too!!! Such an amazing and appreciative audience – with encouragement like that – we could play up a storm! :)

  34. Hi Dave … we’ve got our Mayde in Ireland favorites as well: “Black is the Color” and “Blow Ye Winds”. Mind you, we like the others, too. One day we’ll have to do “Danny Boy” together! :)

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