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At the End of April

Well, it’s the last day of April 2013, and as we took a moment to reflect on it, we realized (with the help of our “written-all-over” performance calendar) that we’ve had quite an eventful month filled with shows, and appearances from LA to San Diego:

We started out with a live performance on AXS TV’s AXS Live!

Then there was Reggie Calloway’s The Songwriter’s Block. It was a treat as well as a learning experience to meet those who have ‘been there before’.

Back in LA, we did a stint at the Korean Cultural Center. THEN, the following day, the heat showed no signs of letting up, as we performed at The Upland Lemon Festival! We’re so grateful to our fans – they came despite the weather; and even told us afterwards how much they enjoyed our set – especially the new songs! There were even fans holding up a “We Love RAMEKEGA!” sign right there in the front row. It’s moments like those that truly humble us.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to those who help us behind-the-scenes (though they really prefer to not be mentioned – they’ve been there all this time, urging us to keep going!) And, finally, those who, when you say “The sky’s the limit”, look at you funny and say: “What sky?”

Posted April 30th, 2013.

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Welcome to RAMEKEGA’s Official Band Site!

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All the very best to you – and all yours – always.

Kelli, Gabrielle, and Kaira

Posted September 1st, 2010.

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