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Welcome to RAMEKEGA’s Official Band Site!

So good of you to come for a visit. Now that you’re here, please sign in and register; and leave us a comment, idea, or just to say hello. Check out our Planet page and spread the word on the music, the shows and events, and the community.

Do check out the rest of our pages and links. Let us know what you think about the music, the videos, etc. And, thanks so very much for the support … you make it all worthwhile. Just so you know, we enjoy doing our shows because we’ve got the best fans ever … EVER! Your presence at our shows is all the encouragement we will ever need to keep on doing what we do. We’re honored that you’ve made the time to get to know us, our music – and for letting us be a part of your lives.

All the very best to you – and all yours – always.

Melissa, Kelli, Gabrielle, and Kaira

We’re on “Kababayan Today”!

Yesterday, we just got off from our very first television interview, and we had a BLAST! Sure, it’s similar to being interviewed on the radio, and it’s strikingly similar to performing live on television. But put those two factors together, and add to it the fact that this is our first on-screen performance/interview with our bassist, then, for us, it’s a big deal! We got to meet the lovely & lively Jannelle So, and had one of those “I watch you on television!” moments; and the overall experience was a pleasurable one.

Check out the videos here, and let us know what you think by leaving a comment – we’d love to hear from you!

“The Argonaut News” on RAMEKEGA

When we got an email from Mr. Michael Aushenker asking us to do an interview for “The Argonaut News”, we were more than happy to oblige! The meeting went well, as we all enjoyed talking about our love of music. But the best part for us was when Mr. Aushenker put forth the idea of bringing our Dad, and manager – and producer, and roadie, and… well you get the picture – into the interview to join us. Though it may not seem like such a big deal to most, it was for us, because, even though he’s in the same room whenever we’re doing interviews (whether via radio station or TV), he’s usually in the background, where he’s more than content to be – and actually quite prefers. But after our initial interview, we were ecstatic at his surprise at the request to join the conversation. We’re grateful to Mr. Aushenker for including the one person who’s been there with and for us with his “all-in” support from the beginning – and who finally got a chance to have his words on record… even though it’s still about us! :) Check out the article hear and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Rockethub New Album Project Officially Ended!

Hey Everyone,

Our Rockethub New Album Project has OFFICIALLY ENDED today! We raised a total of $460 (including those who supported off-line).

We’d like to give a special shout-out to Christopher Purcell, who closed our fundraiser with a BRONZE STAR! Besides funding our project, he attends practically ALL of our shows in the Los Angeles area! That he takes the time to come out and enjoy the music with us again and again, is truly humbling, and we greatly appreciate his support. : )

What gave us an added surprise was the support we received from those across the U.S. – one day, we’re going to play a show in your city, and we’d LOVE to thank you personally!

And to those who supported us by not only funding the project, but also spreading the word about it – even at their own shows! – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It encourages us to keep going, giving, and getting the music out there in the world.

Now, what we’ve raised via Rockethub, we get to keep and put towards getting the album recorded, and getting our supporters their cool rewards. Currently, we’re still in the “pre-production” stage of our work, and still performing at gigs as often as we can. And if you want to catch a live show, come to the “Late Night at The Talking Stick” in Venice, CA – there’s always a spectacular lineup of artists joining us and showcasing their music, as well! And follow us on Facebook and Twitter to catch all of our updates; or if you want to sign up to our emailing list, contact us!

Thank you all again, and we’ll see you soon!

Melissa, Kelli, Gabrielle, & Kaira


Starting this month, we’re going to be preparing, and prepping for a new album! It’s been a few years since our last album release (“Normalcy”, 2010), and we’ve had many requests to record a new one that features some of the other songs that we perform at our live shows.

We are raising funds through Rockethub, and we’d like to let our musical family, friends, and fans have a chance to be a part of getting this album out there. Below is the link to the site where there’s cool rewards for all contributors:


We need for you to join us in spreading the word about this project – and, together with YOUR support, we can make this album a reality.

Let’s do this!


At the End of April

Well, it’s the last day of April 2013, and as we took a moment to reflect on it, we realized (with the help of our “written-all-over” performance calendar) that we’ve had quite an eventful month filled with shows, and appearances from LA to San Diego:

We started out with a live performance on AXS TV’s AXS Live!

Then there was Reggie Calloway’s The Songwriter’s Block. It was a treat as well as a learning experience to meet those who have ‘been there before’.

Back in LA, we did a stint at the Korean Cultural Center. THEN, the following day, the heat showed no signs of letting up, as we performed at The Upland Lemon Festival! We’re so grateful to our fans – they came despite the weather; and even told us afterwards how much they enjoyed our set – especially the new songs! There were even fans holding up a “We Love RAMEKEGA!” sign right there in the front row. It’s moments like those that truly humble us.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to those who help us behind-the-scenes (though they really prefer to not be mentioned – they’ve been there all this time, urging us to keep going!) And, finally, those who, when you say “The sky’s the limit”, look at you funny and say: “What sky?”

RAMEKEGA performs on AXS Live!

Had an amazing time at AXS Live (Los Angeles) this past Monday, April 8th. Hope you all saw the show; but if you didn’t, you can check out the whole show on www.axs.tv. And, here’s one of the songs we did: “It’s Going To My Head”.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2014-11-09

  • @DarkKnightRises is a terrific movie!!! Kudos to Nolan, cast/crew for some great storytelling. A perfect way to end: leave us wanting more. #
  • Even though we don't go to the beach during 100 degree+ weather, we write about wanting to go… the song's turning out nicely. : ) #
  • Had a fantastic time touring Disney Studios – truly *MAGICAL*! A huge thanks to Debbie!!! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

  • Had a fantastic time touring Disney Studios yesterday – truly *MAGICAL*! A huge thanks to Debbie!!! Pics soon to follow on facebook. #
  • @jasonbrain360 Hi Jason! Hope you enjoyed the CD! All the best – RAMEKEGA (*^_^*) #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • Keep checking back for more updates about our upcoming shows. We really appreciate your continued support of the band & the music. #
  • Due to last-min. policy change by venue we w/drew from participating in Aug.4th showcase. Apologies to all who were looking forward to it. #
  • That's what we love about the Olympics: like music… the world loves to participate in it! Congrats to Team USA for their wins so far! : ) #
  • Don't forget: We're playing an industry showcase, Aug. 4th @ 9pm in Van Nuys! http://t.co/q33kWjQP #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • Gonna go jam out at Sam Ash Music store… Working on new songs, too! #
  • @tremomusic Benvenuti in California. Ci piace molto la vostra musica. Mantenere il buon lavoro – RAMEKEGA (*^_^*) #
  • Really enjoyed the performances at Kulak's Woodshed last night! Lots of energy and good songs! = ) #

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